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The Financially Savvy Graduate seminar is a highly interactive, informative and empowering program designed to provide college students with the necessary information to build a strong financial foundation after graduation.

The Financially Savvy Graduate seminar is based on the book, In the Money: 20 Savvy Financial Moves to Help You Get on Track, Stay on Track & Build For the Future After Graduation authored by Susan Schell, CFP®.

Susan includes up to 50 FREE copies of her book with every booking (A $747.50 value).

Here is a sample of the things your students will learn from their participation in the Financially Savvy Graduate seminar:

  • Simple strategies for setting and achieving financial goals
  • Practical information to reduce debt and start saving for the future
  • A system for managing finances after college
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes graduates make that can lead to serious financial problems
  • The importance of focusing on the financial aspects of their lives now as opposed to putting it off indefinitely
  • And much, much more!

Bring Susan Schell, CFP® to your organization today to give your students the tools they need to manage their finances so they can Get On Track, Stay On Track and Build For Their Future After Graduation.

Give me 60-90 minutes with your students, and they will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to tackle their finances head on and be ready to build for their future success.
~Susan Schell, CFP®

Susan accepts a limited number of speaking engagements per year.

To check availability, contact Susan at 518-428-9347.

To find out more information or request a brochure, email [email protected]