-The booklet will be great for reminding me to keep on track. The prizes were really cool. – Genevieve B.

-I liked how we started by identifying what the students specifically wanted to talk about. Lists of expenses to keep track of were very useful. – Rose B.

-I enjoyed the book greatly. It was wonderful to have everything in one place, and it even provided space to write in. Overall, it was very informative! – Stephania C.

I wish I knew this when I was in college! Susan Schell has put together an extremely valuable, easy to understand program to help soon-to-be graduates start off on the right foot with their finances. The easy to follow steps outlined in the seminar and companion manual are crucial for successfully managing finances and building secure financial future. I highly recommend this program! – Lisa Giruzzi, Author, Speaker, Consultant

-Seminar was extremely informative along with being thorough. – Alexis C.

-I thought the presentation was great! The whole cutting something out and investing instead is a great idea and I am definitely going to use it. – Katherine Capozzelli

-Very detailed and organized presentation! I just wish I would have started saving at an earlier age. Thank you for everything. – Rossana McHugh

-The visuals used in the presentation really helped me to understand the ideas presented. – Megan Gonzalez

-As a parent of a college student I found your presentation to be very helpful. I thought the concepts presented were very important and useful. – Nina Saponara

-I learned that I should start saving at a young age and be smart financially. – Jeanna Munroe

-I enjoyed the examples that proved spending a little each day can really add up and lead to unnecessary spending. This is very important for people my age to learn so they can stop wasting money on things they don’t really need. – Sara Biancosino

-I liked how you showed us simple strategies for saving a lot by just cutting out one small expense every day. I liked the presentation. – Nicholas Kozak

-I thought this was a very informative presentation and I think it will really help me in the future. – Jake McGrath

-Very useful information. – Gary Hopper